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Athletic Director
Clock Keeper Openings For 2018-2019 Seasons

Gleason School is looking to fill 2 Athletic Support Staff positions for the 2018-2019 seasons.  We are currently searching for a Junior High and High School Football Clock Keeper, and a High School Basketball clock keeper for the 2018-2019 season.  The football clock is approximately a 25 hour commitment spread over 9 nights, and the basketball clock is approximately a 36 hour commitment spread over 12 nights.  Both positions have compensation and training will be available.  We are willing to split these postions between 2-3 individuals if necessary to establish a rotation and/or provide back-ups.  In the ideal situation, we will have one full-time football operator, one full-time basketball operator, and one person on standby/backup for both.  Compensation is available for both positions.

If you love sports and would be willing to contribute to the school through either of these positions, please contact Lee Lawrence at 731-648-5351 or via email Lee.Lawrence@wcsk12tn.net